Samsung One UI 6: Optimised features and improved experience


Samsung recently released the One UI 6 update, bringing a more complete experience to Galaxy smartphone and tablet users. And now, Malaysians also have access to Samsung's latest UI update. While this update isn't some major overhaul with new and unique features, it has plenty of optimisations and improvements to existing features. Let's take a look at some of them!


Refreshed interface

One UI 6 adopts new fonts and simpler icons for a cleaner look. Also, a Weather Insight Widget and Camera Custom Shortcut Widget for people who often check the weather or use the camera. For the lock screen, One UI 6 now lets you adjust the size and style of the lock screen clock. In addition, you can now quickly access extended settings by swiping left or right, making it easier to use.

For the Notification panel, One UI 6 presents notifications as independent cards, making them clear at a glance. You can also sort notifications by order of appearance, resulting in a 'timeline'. The music player notification tab has also been enhanced, with the background now looking like an album cover and the playback bar visible. On top of that, you can long-press the search bar in the App drawer to initiate specific functions, making it faster and more convenient.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 have both received the One Ui 6 update

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Simpler design but with more enhanced functions via widgets

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In the theme settings of the status bar and lock screen, One UI 6 also makes it easier for users to operate and set


Optimised camera app

Another key function that was optimised is the camera. It's now easier to swap the camera resolution, plus you have more settings for the watermark. Moreover, the document scanning feature is no longer locked to Scene Optimiser, allowing you to toggle it on or off individually.

For the Gallery, Samsung has added a details view, and you can quickly apply filters and edits by swiping up. You can also drag and drop photos and videos with both hands, making multi-tasking operations easier. Additionally, Samsung has rearranged the photo editor toolbar, added multi-layer undo/redo, and included more styles and backgrounds for text editing.

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New changes for the Camera and Gallery apps


Enhanced apps and functions

With the One UI 6 update, Samsung devices are equipped with enhanced features to existing apps and widgets. For example, the weather app now provides more local weather data to help users accurately grasp weather changes. Samsung Bixby was also enhanced, with new language packs for users to download. Moreover, you can answer an incoming call the regular way or seamlessly switch to Bixby text call when verbally speaking isn't convenient (like in a meeting).

For security, One UI 6 can now block apps that are not from the unofficial app stores. It also provides app security checks and USB connection security protection. With One UI 6, you can set up lock screens with different wallpapers and clock styles depending on your current activity (like driving or exercising). This is great for those who want a more dynamic lock screen.

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Some apps, like the weather app, now show more details

Although One UI 6 isn't revolutionary, it provides enhancements and optimisations to existing functions and features. If you have a supported Galaxy smartphone or tablet, you can go to the settings to check for the update. Let us know what you think after you've downloaded and tried it!

In Malaysia, the One UI 6 update is available to the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5. By the way, you can now enjoy a 20% discount when purchasing Galaxy Z Flip5. That means you could get it for as low as RM3599.20, so don't miss out! If you're interested in any of these phones, visit the Samsung Malaysia website for more details.


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