Samsung SideSync Combines Samsung Smartphones and Notebooks

Samsung SideSync.jpg

Samsung recently released a new feature called SideSync that allows you to work between your Samsung Notebook and Samsung Smartphone through a USB cable. While it does work a lot like Syncing program it offers bit more by allowing you to work seamlessly between your smartphone and computer. This includes the ability to drag and drop text from your notebook computer to your smartphone and vice versa. Type an SMS on your smartphone from the keyboard on your notebook or just use your smartphone like a second display for your notebook computer.

Another notable function includes the ability to create a virtual version of your Samsung smartphone on your Samsung PC or notebook computer's desktop. Supposedly this is to help enjoy your smartphone on a larger screen, although you'll still be controlling it via keyboard and mouse.

The SideSync app can be downloaded through Samsung Apps and is applicable for Samsung devices running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. You can also download it here. As such, it should be clear that the SideSync app only works with Samsung PCs, notebooks or ATIV range devices. Check out the full video below: