Samsung Wallet launching in Malaysia at the end of January


Today, Samsung Electronics announced that Samsung Wallet will be available in eight new markets soon. From its newsroom, Malaysia happens to be one of the markets, alongside Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Taiwan. The launching date is set for the end of January.

To refresh your memory, Samsung Wallet is not only an ewallet payment service but it can also do other things. This includes securely saving passwords just like Samsung Pass as well as monitoring its digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Samsung Wallet will include IDs, driving licenses and even student IDs.

On top of that, Samsung also plans to integrate SmartThings so users can add digital home keys. Boarding passes should be viable for Samsung Wallet as well and in terms of security, it will include fingerprint recognition to safeguard sensitive data. It is unknown if digital automobile keys will be available in the Malaysian market.

Last year, Samsung successfully launched the Samsung Wallet platform and expanded its services to 21 countries. We can't wait to see how the feature will benefit Samsung Malaysian users soon. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at