Samsung and LG will stop supplying display to HUAWEI after 15 September


Cover image credit: Tech Crunch

Apart from not able to use Google Services and work with various chip suppliers from the U.S., HUAWEI is now facing another new challenge. Today, it is reported that Samsung and LG have both decided to stop supplying display to the Chinese manufacturer.

According to a Korean source, Samsung and LG have come to a decision which they are going to suspend the supply of “premium” smartphone displays to HUAWEI. It is said that it will go into effect after 15 September. It is unsure whether the decisions were stemmed from the trade ban, but anyway, we're sad to hear about it.


However, it looks like HUAWEI knew that this was coming and they've already prepared for it. The source mentioned that HUAWEI has started to test displays from local suppliers like Visionox, Tianma, and CSOT. Also, let's not forget that the company is still working with BOE too! Therefore, the whole situation might not be that bad.

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