Samsung begins drive test on self-driving cars


If you think Samsung is only focusing on their smartphones and home appliances, you are mistaken. The South Korean giant is also working on other technologies and recently they have been approved by the Land Ministry for a test drive around South Korea.

On top of that, Samsung has built a modified race track for the automated car featuring cameras and the latest sensors. The prototype vehicle is a Hyundai car but strangely enough, even though that’s the case, Samsung has no plans to manufacture cars like Apple and Google. Here’s what the report has to say:

"Samsung Electronics plans to develop top-of-the-line sensors and computer modules backed by artificial intelligence and the deep-learning technologies to improve cars’ self-driving capabilities even in challenging weather conditions.”

I think in the future, our phones will be interconnected with our cars more than ever. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more Samsung news at