Samsung confirms that upcoming event on 19 November has nothing to do with Exynos

Samsung no Exynos cover EDITED.jpeg

Samsung has been teasing us about an event that is happening on 19 November. With the taglines and captions used, rumours about the upcoming Exynos 2200 chip's launch were roaming around. However, Samsung has confirmed today through its official Twitter account that the date is not for the flagship chip's launch.

The company states that the event has nothing to do with Exynos despite the rumours. Weirdly, the posts about the event did come from the @samsungexynos Instagram account. Therefore, isn't Samsung itself that should be held accountable for all this misunderstanding?

Samsung no Exynos 1.jpg

Since the day is not for Exynos 2200, it keeps us wondering what kinds of products the company will launch, and we still have to wait for nine more days to find out. Leave a comment to let us know how disappointed are you (haha) and stay tuned to for the most updated tech report.