Samsung could launch a Galaxy Watch Ultra with a Micro LED display


The Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatches have long been a favourite for many tech fans. They're feature-rich and sport high-end hardware, including an AMOLED display. However, the company could opt for a Micro LED display for a specific model in the future.

According to tipster Revegnus, Samsung recently announced that it might consider using Micro LED technology in small devices, such as smartwatches. Based on that info, it's reasonable to assume that Samsung could create a new 'Galaxy Watch Ultra' featuring a Micro LED display. That would allow Samsung to have a product to compete with Apple's top-tier Watch Ultra series.

For your info, micro LED is an emerging display tech that promises higher contrast ratios, faster response time, and better energy efficiency than LCD tech. Moreover, it doesn't have the luminance decay "burn-in" issue that plagues OLED panels. Samsung has been working on Micro LED for some time and introduced large displays featuring the tech in last year's Samsung Display Tech Summit.

Could we see Micro LED displays in regular Samsung TVs, monitors, and smartphones in the future? We can't say for sure yet, so stay tuned to for updates. Also, let us know if you prefer OLED, QLED, or Micro LED in the comments below!