Samsung could launch a new Wireless Charger Hub with Galaxy S23 series next year

Samsung Wireless Charger Hub cover.jpg

Samsung is said to launch a new version of the charging pad next year. The company debuted the Wireless Charger Trio in 2020 with the Galaxy Note 20 series. It allows charging three devices simultaneously. Recently, Dutch publication GalaxyClub spotted a new charging accessory in development, and it goes by the name Wireless Charger Hub, hinting at an upgrade to what we had in 2020.

With model number EP-P9500, the Wireless Charger Hub is expected to do what its name suggests by allowing multiple devices to get charged at once. The charger could arrive with the Galaxy S23 series if nothing went wrong. However, there's not much information regarding the product at this moment, and we could only wait for more rumours to surface in the coming months.

The Wireless Charger Trio is certainly long overdue by now. It came with a large flat surface for a smartphone and a pair of TWS earbuds, plus a recessed circular area for smartwatches. It's unsure if the upcoming product will follow this design, but Samsung has to make some tweaks for sure due to the design flaw in the latest Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The wearable's D-Buckle strap doesn't bend or move freely along the watch lugs, preventing it from sitting on a flat surface. Samsung even developed a Wireless Charger Cradle to address the issue.

The idea of a charger that charges multiple devices is always exciting, and we wonder how Samsung will execute it this time. Stay tuned to for more tech reports.