Samsung files patent for multi-party video conference call, coming to Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S5 conference 2.jpg

With the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S5 said to be coming in 2014, quite a lot of other feature news has cropped up as well. This includes the various patent filings Samsung has done which includes this one for a multi-party video conferencing call which could replace the current ChatOne messaging app. Most video conferencing features like Apple's FaceTime only has 2 people so a multi party video conference call feature would certainly help up the innovative features available on the Samsung Galaxy S5. While there are other multi-party video conference messaging apps like Google Hangouts (which allows up to 10 callers) it requires a good amount of bandwidth from all those involved. Hopefully, Samsung will manage to work on some way of compressing the video stream for this new patent for a truly exceptional feature for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 conference.jpg


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