Samsung has trademarked "UPC" a.k.a Under Panel Camera for smartphones and TVs

Samsung UPC cover EDITED.png 

Finally, it seems like the time for Samsung to launch its first under-display camera is getting closer. Today, it has been spotted that the Korean tech giant has trademarked "UPC" a.k.a Under Panel Camera with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

The trademark certificate reveals that the UPC is meant for "Smartphone display/TV display panel”. Therefore, there is a possibility that Samsung would also be launching smart TVs with the technology this year. Earlier, it was reported that the company would bring the under-display camera technology to its upcoming laptop as well.

Samsung UPC 1.jpg

For smartphones, it is rumoured that the first to come with it would be the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Other than Samsung, Xiaomi is another smartphone company that is expected to introduce the technology this year. Therefore, we really can't wait to see how these two will compete against each other with the quality of the under-display camera they are going to deliver.

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