Samsung hasn't forgotten about the Samsung Galaxy S8 users with this camera stability update


To those of you guys who are still on the Samsung Galaxy S8, don’t worry, Samsung hasn’t forgotten about you. Another update is rolling in for you guys, this time improving the S8’s camera stability as well as a security patch update.

This would be the second update Samsung has pushed out for the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the span of two weeks. If you haven’t received your update yet, it should be arriving soon. For those S8 users who aren’t aware, the previous Samsung Galaxy S8 update brought about the One UI to the device.

It is likely that this would be the final major update to hit the S8. For the next year, security patches would be constantly sent out for the device before it will stop receiving updates altogether (weeps softy). Will you be continuing with your S8 devices after that? Or will you be upgrading? For the latest Samsung news and updates, is your go to source!

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