Samsung introduces new 8GB LPDDR4 RAM & plans to use it for smartphones in the near future


The 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM

Just when you thought 6GB of RAM for smartphones is more than enough, well, Samsung doesn't think so. As of recently, Samsung just introduced the world its first 8GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM package, but why?

According to Samsung, a device with such feature will be able to play 4K UHD video playback smoother, same goes to virtual machine operation. The new DRAM package has four latest 16Gb LPDDR4 memory chips built using the latest 10nm process, it can run at the speed of 4266 Mbps, that's two times faster than the speed of DDR4 tech inside desktops.

"The advent of our powerful 8GB mobile DRAM solution will enable more capable next-generation, flagship mobile devices around the world. We will continue to provide advanced memory solutions offering the highest values and leading-edge benefits to meet the escalating needs of devices having dual camera, 4K UHD and VR features."- Joo Sun Choi, executive vice president of Memory Sales and Marketing, Samsung Electronics

In addition to that, the overall thickness is 1.0mm and can be stacked together with UFS memory or a mobile application processor, this allows the motherboard to have some extra space.

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