Samsung is preparing to launch a self repair app for Galaxy devices

Samsung self repair.jpg

Samsung is launching a self-repair app for users to fix their Galaxy devices without seeking help from outsiders. The Self Repair Assistant is found in a filing from the US Patent and Trademark Office. It describes the app as a "computer application software for mobile phones".

The app has an icon featuring a gear and a wrench on a blue background. Its goal is to allow users to perform "self-repair, self-maintenance, and self-installation" on smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and headsets. With the app, the company will provide repair guides and parts information for the devices in the Galaxy lineup.

According to the source, this app is a work from the partnership between Samsung and iFixit started in early 2022. It's worth mentioning that not only Samsung but Google also launched a similar program with iFixit for users to fix their Pixel phones by themselves. Furthermore, Apple launched a similar program to help users repair their iPhones and MacBooks as well. Therefore, with Samsung starting to do this, will more smartphone makers follow in the future?

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