Samsung is reportedly working on a smart ring with health-tracking features

feat image samsung galaxy ring.jpg

Samsung may be working on a new wearable device, this time in the form of a ring. According to a patent by the tech giant spotted by the Naver forum in South Korea, it looks like we may be getting a ‘Galaxy Ring’ sometime in the near future. 

Of course, holding a patent on something doesn’t necessarily mean that the device or technology patented would end up being produced for the mass market. However, it does show that Samsung is interested in developing a smart ring to expand its wearable lineup. 


As of right now, the company is well-known for its Galaxy Watch lineup, with the latest Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro having one of the most compelling specs lists for a smartwatch in the market. A smart ring is far more challenging to produce though, especially if Samsung is planning to cram in a lot of health-tracking features onto the device. 

Currently, the biggest name in the smart ring market is Oura. Well, the company may get a run for its money if a tech giant such as Samsung decided to enter the space. 

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