Samsung make first 3GB RAM for mobile devices

Samsung 3GB RAM chips.jpg

Currently the limit on RAM in most smartphones and tablets is 2GB, however, many industry watchers have said that 4GB is actually already available for fabrication. Rumours have also surfaced that various smartphones from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III to the Xiao Mi3 are going to arrive with 3GB of RAM built-in. As if to confirm this, Samsung have released the first of their 3GB RAM chips for smartphones based on the 20nm fabrication process. To add fuel to the fire Samsung are already manufacturing it and they could be rolling off fabrication conveyer belts very soon.

The 3GB LPDDR3 memory modules consist of six 20nm fabricated 4Gb LPDDR3 chips with 1/2GB capacity. This allows for a dual-channel configuration with each channel handling 1.5GB resulting in the 3GB total. More RAM is always a good thing as it means faster load times, faster overall processing and more room to work with when handling large media files. According to Samsung the chip has a small footprint, which means that devices that use it won't have to give up space for more RAM. An even bigger hint as to when we'll see these chips in action comes from Samsung itself:

"Three gigabyte mobile DRAM will be adopted in the most up-to-date, high-end smartphones starting in the second half of this year - an initial adoption that will expand to most high-end smartphones worldwide next year. We will develop a new 3GB LPDDR3 solution based on four 6Gb LPDDR4 DRAM chips by symmetrically stacking two chips on each side, which will boost smartphone performance to the next level by year-end." Young-Hyun Jun, Executive Vice President, Memory Sales & Marketing, Samsung Electronics.