Samsung might be making a laptop that can be folded in four

Samsung laptop fold in four cover EDITED.jpeg

When people say that a laptop is already foldable, there's no need to make one with a foldable display, it doesn't apply to Samsung. It seems that the Korean tech giant is working on a laptop that can be folded in four, revealed by a patent surfaced online.

SamMobile is the one who discovered the patent on the website of the international organization WIPO. According to it, the laptop will feature a detachable keyboard. When it's detached, the display can be used as a full-fledged tablet. The main highlight is the display can be folded in half, while the keyboard also does the same.

Samsung laptop fold in four 1.jpg

Judging by the design, the product could attract customers who would like their tech products to be as small as possible. Therefore, it would be more convenient to bring them out on the go. However, we will still have to see if Samsung has the ability to bring this to life.

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