Samsung partners with Starbucks for a series of eco-friendly cases

Samsung Starbucks cover.jpg

Samsung has partnered with Starbucks in South Korea to launch some eye-catching cases for the Galaxy S22 series and the newer Galaxy Buds. They range from a receipt-inspired strap to a coffee cup-like design. If you're a fan of the coffeehouse chain, there must be one you would like to get!

The cases for the Galaxy S22 Ultra are based on a "Silicone cover with Strap" design. As mentioned, the designer has turned the strap into a Starbucks receipt. Meanwhile, the cases for the other models will not feature the strap but get replaced with something else. The case for the Galaxy S22 comes with a large Starbucks logo, and the one for S22+ wears a "Count stars in your galaxy" tagline.

Samsung Starbucks 1.jpgSamsung Starbucks 2.jpgSamsung Starbucks 3.jpgSamsung Starbucks 4.jpgSamsung Starbucks 5.jpgSamsung Starbucks 6.jpg

Furthermore, the cases for the buds are equally cute as well. There's a standard one with the logo, while the other is more playful and turns the charging case into a cup of Starbucks coffee. It's worth mentioning they will fit the Galaxy Buds2, Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro as they all share the same charging case design. These new cases are also made of eco-friendly materials and come in limited quantities. 

What do you think about the design of these cases from the collaboration? Drop a comment to let us know your thoughts, and stay tuned to for more tech reports. 

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