Samsung patents turning your hand into a screen using a projector on your smartwatch


Science fiction is day by day becoming science fact. We have supercomputers in our pockets, driverless cars, man went to the moon, and more exciting stuff coming our way. Samsung just filed a patent to possibly turn your hand into a touchscreen for your smartwatch!

If you remember we talked about the SkinTrack by Carnegie Mellon University here, it is about extending the screen of your smartwatch to your arm. What Samsung is trying to do is instead turn your hand into the screen itself.


The patent shows a projector shining the content of your smartwatch straight to the back of your hand, and you can access the content of your smartwatch by tapping on the back of your hands. This is truly straight out of a sci-fi novel. So what can users do with the projection? For one thing, phone numbers could be entered by tapping on the numbers projected on the watch wearer's arm or wrist. Text could be entered through the projection of a QWERTY keyboard, or by using a feature that would read handwriting from the back of your hand, or from any other place where the watch can project an image. Imagine tapping in a phone number on the back of your friends.