Samsung planning to proceed with the Galaxy Note 20 event but via livestream


Image courtesy of Pigtou

The current pandemic has certainly forced many companies to do live streaming across the globe, in a way, this is the new normal now since it's been already 3 months and counting. Although some countries are slowly recovering at a steady pace, a news report from South Korea is claiming that tech giant, Samsung Electronics will be hosting the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series online.

Traditionally, Samsung will always host the Galaxy Note launching event in New York City every August. Should the report be true, that means no media and tech enthusiasts will be flying there at all for a good reason. Since the pandemic is still unpredictable, it's hard to tell when the period will end and with no cure discovered yet, this could very well go on until the end of the year or perhaps even 2021. Even if the pandemic died down, it's still not really a good idea to go out to a clustered public event.

At the moment, Samsung have not confirmed anything about the Galaxy Note 20 series event yet. If anything, they will most likely have a collaboration with their branch over at the US just like always. In terms of devices, the Galaxy Note 20, Note 20+ and a new Galaxy Fold 2 are expected to be announced.

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