Samsung reveals its triple folding display, under panel camera and more in the latest concept video

Samsung concept video cover EDITED.jpg

At the SID 2021, Samsung has presented different kinds of interesting display technologies including triple folding display, slidable display, under-display camera and more. Now, the company has put all the products into one short concept video to demonstrate their uses in daily lives.

The one and a half minutes video is packed with the stuff that we've been wanting to see from future smartphones or other tech devices. In the beginning, the concept video showcases the triple folding display and Samsung is calling it S-Foldable. After that, it continues with the appearances of an under panel camera, 17-inch foldable laptop, slidable display, portable display alongside other features that help to enhance the display's performance.

From all those presented in the video, there's only one technology which could be arriving soon and it's the under panel camera. It is rumoured that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 is coming with one. For now, we could only wait for the launch event to happen to find out if it's true.

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