Samsung's latest LPDDR5 uMCP aims to deliver flagship performance to budget devices

Samsung LPDDR5 uMCP cover EDITED.jpg

Samsung has released a new memory chip today and it's said to be a perfect fit for 5G low-cost devices. The new LPDDR5 uMCP (UFS-based MCP) is a multichip package that combines the company’s fastest LPDDR5 DRAM with the latest UFS 3.1 NAND flash in a single package. Currently, the product is the first such smartphone memory solution appearing in the industry.

The Korean tech giant has integrated DRAM with NAND storage into a chip measured 11.5 x 13mm, allowing devices with the chip to save more space for other components such as a battery. Compared to the previous LPDDR4X-based UFS 2.2 solution, the DRAM performance has also been improved by nearly 50 percent by leaping from 17 GB/s to 25GB/s. Meanwhile, the NAND flash performance sees a 2X jump from 1.5GB/s on the previous-gen solution to 3GB/s.

Other than providing the industry’s highest speed and storage capacity at very low power, the combination of the DRAM and NAND interfaces will also bring features like advanced photography, graphics-intensive gaming and augmented reality (AR) from flagship smartphones to lower-tier devices. The Vice President of Samsung Young-soo Sohn said that 5G has become more mainstream among budget devices and the latest multichip package innovation will help to accelerate the market transition to 5G.

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