Samsung's new 'Holiday Dreams' video features 74 Samsung devices


Christmas holidays have already started and Samsung plans to put everyone in the holiday mood with its latest video. The company recently released a new dreamscape movie on its official YouTube channel called the 'Holiday Dreams'. The video is quite different than any other advertisements released by the company recently and features 74 Samsung devices which include flagship smartphones, tablets and even large screen Samsung HDTVs. From the video, we could make out some of the Galaxy devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge and even some Samsung smartwatches. All these devices are built on a rig. This rig can be moved, twisted or even bended to portray the entire story in one video. The story revolves around a small girl who chases her favorite stocking in a dream. She jumps, falls and even swims across a number of Samsung devices to finally get her stocking. Samsung also points out that the story video required a lot of effort.  The transition from one device to another is not animated but captured live. The video had to be played on each device at the appropriate time to make it look like the girl seamlessly jumped across a number of devices. Below, we have added the 'Behind the scenes' video as well which shows the amount of effort required for making the whole 'Holiday Dreams' video.