Samsung shows off flexible display concepts, coming in 2015?

Samsung Roadmap.jpg

Samsung is one of only 2 major makers of flexible displays in the world and has since dominated the smartphone world with it's various smartphone models. Following a roadmap image at one of their presentations, it appears that Samsung may come out with foldable smartphones from 2015. It also appears that more curved display devices are on the way as the road map notes that curved displays will range from 2013 to early 2014 and bended displays will follow after in 2014 to 2015. While Samsung did not elaborate on what it defines as bended or foldable, it does show an example of a bended display graphic which sort of rolls the display. We assume that if it is foldable, this means you can flatten it down so it forms a crease, making for a thinner device. Samsung also went on to show how such foldable display devices might work and even came up with an interesting foldable (or is it bended?) concept device video which appears to be nothing much more than a thin sheet of foldable plastic. Check out the pics and video for yourself below:

Samsung Foldable AMOLED.jpg

Bended Samsung Display.jpg

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