Samsung strikes back - Korean company launched a parody video of the new Apple iPad Pro


After Apple’s promotional video for “Crush” failed, Samsung quickly seized on this hot topic and recently launched a promotional video called “creativity cannot be crushed” . That said, what should you know about it?

Earlier, in order to promote the latest iPad Pro, Apple launched the "Crush" video, the company used a hydraulic press to crush musical instruments, paints, books, camera lenses and other items. All of these items rolled into a display for an iPad Pro.

For your information, this ad received a lot of negative comments after it was launched. Many people in the literary and art circles believed that Apple's video was suppressing traditional culture. They also interpreted it as technology companies "squeezing" creatives and artists, and that AI and technological advancements have made people give up traditional creativity. Ways and so on.

Just days after Apple apologized and pulled its controversial "Crush" ad, Samsung launched a new video to keep up with the trend. In the video, a musician walks through the remains of Apple's hydraulic press and picks up a partially destroyed guitar. A Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra sits on an easel with musical notes written on it, and the musician starts playing along.

Samsung first mocked the iPhone's notch before adopting a notch design on its smartphones. Making fun of Apple is not new to competitors, and somehow it communicates "we are on the side of the creatives" while also saying " Without our technology, creatives would cease to exist.”

At the end of the ad, it promotes the tablet as "powered by Galaxy AI." It could have had a bigger impact if Samsung didn't use its brand in the ads. Ironically, the video that attempts to convey real feelings is just another reminder that artificial intelligence poses a huge existential crisis for creatives. After all, Samsung emphasises that "creativity will never be crushed."


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