Samsung to incorporate recycled material in future smartphones as part of new campaign

Samsung Galaxy for the Planet cover EDITED.jpg

Samsung strives to minimize environmental impact with its new 'Galaxy for the Planet' campaign, as the Korean tech giant lists out a few visionary goals to be achieved by 2025. The campaign will focus on reducing the company's environmental footprint and lessen resource depletion from production to disposal of its Galaxy products.

One of the goals is to incorporate recycled material in all new mobile products by 2025. According to the description, Samsung is investing in new and innovative eco-conscious materials and will use them within its products. Besides that, the company is also looking to eliminate all plastics in mobile packaging and achieve zero waste to landfill by the same year, which will be a major change by ditching the traditional packaging method.

Furthermore, another goal focuses on reducing standby power consumption of all smartphone chargers to below 0.005W. The standby power consumption refers to the power used after a smartphone is fully charged or disconnected, but the charger remains plugged in. Samsung has successfully reduced the standby power consumption across all smartphone chargers to 0.02W, and it'll work towards the goal by 2025 as well.

It's nice to see that these big companies care about the environment by providing solutions to address the climate crisis. Let's hope that Samsung will be able to achieve these goals by 2025, and you may share what you think about them by leaving a comment. Stay tuned to for more tech reports.