Samsung to start Open Beta for Samsung Pay in Malaysia

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Apart from selling devices, Samsung is also involved in other businesses, which includes shipping, construction and even white goods. One of the features that they have introduced previously is Samsung Pay – a payment system that allows Samsung phones to be used as payment instead of cash. It seems that Malaysia is next on the list of countries to have this payment system as Samsung users have been prompted with an invitation to join the Open Beta trial locally.

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What users need to do is to register their interest with Samsung, and they will be contacted within 10 days if their registration is successful. At this point of time, only the following phones are eligible for Samsung Pay:



Plus, the only bank that is involved in the beta program is Maybank, so you need a debit, credit or prepaid card with the bank. No news as of yet for other financial institutions, so stay tuned to TechNave for more news on Samsung Pay in Malaysia.