Samsung trademarks Flex G, might be preparing for a dual-folding device

Samsung Flex G cover.jpg

After showing off the Flex G panel at this year's CES, Samsung has finally trademarked it in its home country South Korea. It is not the only display panel presented at the event, as there's also the Flex S that can get folded two-way. However, the company had already trademarked the name earlier.

The Flex G folds both sides, with one screen being on another. As the name suggests, it folds like the letter 'G'. Now, since the company has trademarked the panel's name, it brings the public to ask whether Samsung will launch a device using this panel soon. Furthermore, considering the other foldable lineups are doing well, it raises the probability.

Unfortunately, there might be some obstacles the company has to cross to make a device using such a display. The recently-launched Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a thick phone, even thicker than some of the competition, as the Korean tech giant wants to stick with the water-resistant hinge. Therefore, it might have to come up with other plans to bring the balance to the dual-folding device, or it would be like carrying a brick out.

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