Samsung unboxes wonders of the home for gifts and promos this holiday season


Continuing the Samsung Unboxes Wonders of the Home campaign, Samsung Malaysia Electronics have come out with a list of consumer electronics complete with promotional prices for your gift giving list. Check out their list below:

For those yearning for Cooler Homes and Cleaner Air:

  • Samsung Triangle Air Conditioner - Promotional price: RM2,529 (AR18JRFSWWKNME) – 50% off next purchases of selected models upon purchase
  • Samsung Air Purifier - Promotional price: RM1,549 (AX50K5050WD)


For ‘MasterChefs’ at Home:

  • Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator - Promotional price: RM2,899 (RT53K6271BS)
  • Side-by-side Refrigerator - Promotional price: RM2,999 (RSA1STSL1)
  • HotBlast Smart Oven - Promotional price: RM2,199 (MC35J8088LT)


For tender Washing Care and an Easy-Breezy Laundry

  • AddWash Washing Machine - Promotional Price: RM4,499 (WD10K6410OX)


For those who crave for Immersive Entertainment

  • SUHD TV - Promotional Price: RM6,999 (UA55KS7500), RM18,999 (UA65KS9000), RM39,999 (UA78KS9000)
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray Player - Promotional Price: RM1,799 (UBD-K8500)