Samsung will release a fixed patch for the Galaxy S22 Ultra's flickering display issue soon


Over the past few days, more and more users are reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is having an occasional flickering issue. While we haven't encountered this on our review unit, Samsung actually acknowledge the issue and responded online.

On a Reddit forum, a user shared his screenshot of a reply by an official admin on the situation. It reads that Samsung is well aware that there are a limited number of Galaxy S22 Ultra devices experiencing a pixelated line on the display. This happens whenever the user plays a YouTube video or unlocks using the in-display fingerprint sensor.


According to the admin, the issue is likely due to the display's resolution in WQHD and Natural Mode. Samsung is working on a fixed patch and will roll out the software update to resolve the issue soon. For the time being, the admin encourages users to set the display to FHD+ and Vivid Mode on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

For those who don't know how to change the display settings, go over to your Settings > Display > Screen Mode > Select Vivid. This goes the same thing for the resolution in the same menu. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at

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