Say goodbye to your sluggish old computer, and get a new one for below RM3000


Have you been trying your hardest to delete files to make more space for your PC? Or uninstall apps constantly, hoping to get an older computer to run properly? Upgrading PCs can be tedious, and we often want to avoid that or spend as little money as possible.

But if your old PC is on its last legs and needs an overhaul, getting a new PC is probably the way to go. In that case, how do you choose which component to buy? But you don't need the latest PC parts to build a new PC. Instead, here's how you could replace your sluggish old computer for less than RM3000.


Customise your PC through upgrades

Not everyone needs the latest and fastest processors. Previous generation tech like the Intel® Core™ 12th Gen processors are enough to multi-task for Microsoft applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Of course, you also need enough RAM to maintain PC stability to prevent system crashes. Often, 8GB RAM is more than enough. As for storage, 256GB of storage should be sufficient for the average person.


However, you'll also need a graphics card if you want to play games or go into content creation. Whether for playing the latest AAA games, editing videos or photos on a budget, a mid-range graphics card would be our recommendation. For instance, a graphics card like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3060.

Finally, one thing you must have is Windows 11. The hardware above is enough to run Microsoft's latest PC operating software, which you'll need for programs like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word. You can also go for the more advanced Windows 11 Pro version to future-proof your system.


So, these are some simple options you can go for to upgrade your sluggish old PC at more affordable prices. Not bad, right? OK, but what if you can't deal with the hassle of hunting for these parts or have a laptop that can't be upgraded? In that case, the JOI® PC could be the solution for you.

The JOI® PC features an Intel® Core™ i5 12400F processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3060 GPU. In other words, it's an excellent mid-range PC that can handle extensive multitasking, Word processing, content creation and gaming. It has everything the average urban Malaysian would need! Moreover, the PC comes with Windows 11 Pro, so it has all the Microsoft Windows features.

Besides that, the JOI® PC has additional PCIe slots and various I/O ports. That means the PC has plenty of expandability or upgrade options. You could install a video capture card, sound card, or even extra USB hubs if you need to. On top of that, you could customise the look of the PC with different casing choices.


Does that sound like a PC you would buy? If so, you're in luck because the JOI® PC is now on promo. From 12-14 December 2023, you can purchase the JOI® PC for just RM2549 (down from RM3199) at the GLOO online store. Besides the rebate, you could also get in-store vouchers of up to RM150, plus a mystery bonus if you purchase from the Gloo Lazada store.

Of course, you can also customise your JOI® PC via the GLOO online store or Lazada online store. GLOO is also offering a Buy-Now-Pay-Later deal or 0% 24-month instalment payment plans. If you need a new affordable desktop PC, you can't go wrong with picking the JOI® PC.

So, what do you think about the JOI® PC? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned to for more articles like this.