Scientists built a mobile app that helps detect COVID-19 with 92 per cent accuracy

ResApp cover EDITED.jpg

Photo courtesy of Healthline

If this made it to Malaysia, you might not need to spend much on COVID-19 test kits to check that you caught the disease. According to Daily Mail, scientists have built a mobile app that helps detect the virus through cough patterns via audio.

ResApp, the app's name, uses machine learning to achieve that. The app has even gone through testing participated by 741 patients in the US and India. At last, results revealed that it reaches 92 per cent of accuracy by correctly detecting the patients having the virus in them. In follow-up tests, the researchers continue to test it with patients with other respiratory conditions, including asthma, pneumonia and respiratory tract infections. It shows that it can reach 90 per cent specificity for COVID-19.

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The app is said to be initially deployed in settings where frequent COVID-19 tests are required. Those include travel, sports, entertainment, and healthcare settings. Professor Catherine Bennett, a member of ResApp's Covid-19 Scientific Advisory Board, says that "the simplicity, ease of use and unlimited scalability of ResApp's test will be welcomed by public health officials around the world."

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