Security experts say get Nexus or Samsung phones for a secure experience


Having a secure mobile experience is crucial these days, as many unscrupulous people will want to get their grubby little fingers into your account. Hence why a secure mobile phone is important. A security analyst said that the best phones to have now are the Nexus devices, and phones from Samsung.

Gal Beniamini, a respected security expert and member of Qualcomm’s Product Security Hall of Fame, demonstrated a serious security vulnerability affecting all devices that had not yet received May’s monthly security patch. Since 57 percent of smartphones in the Android ecosystem have yet to receive that patch, this means that the majority of devices are vulnerable to this particular exploit.

Only Nexus and Samsung devices were spared from the exploit. Hence they advise everyone to get their smartphones from these two brands. Of course if more companies release the security update quickly, more brands will be spared from this exploit, and be saved from trouble.