Security researchers say iPhone users who cares about privacy should delete the Facebook app


While technology is getting more convenient for us, our online privacy is also something that we should be concerned about. According to security researchers, iPhone users who take this seriously should just delete Facebook because of how the company collects your data.

What's even worst is that security researchers discovered that even if you don't allow the app to gather your data information, Facebook somehow managed to find a way to continue tracking in the latest iOS update. How it was discovered is that Facebook is using the iPhone's accelerometer to constantly monitor your movement.

In other words, no matter where you are with your iPhone and even the data in the photos you take such as location and time, Facebook will always know where you are. As you can see from the video above, Facebook groups up the data from your iPhone's accelerometer with the data gather around you.

Besides Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are doing the same thing too although not as bad as the former. iPhone users can still disable the tracking in WhatsApp and Instagram, but only if the latter has the DM opened. As human beings, it's natural to take our privacy seriously but the problem is Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are widely used around the world so it's hard to switch to an alternative.

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