See what the next mobile phone from Lenovo may look like


While many companies are trying to manufacture foldable or bendable phone designs, Lenovo is actually the first to show a working prototype. At their Lenovo Tech World event where they announced the Moto Z and Lenovo Phab2 family, they also showcased working foldable smartphones to the public.

One design sees a long-ish smartphone that is actually bendable. One mode sees it as a normal smartphone, while the other allows it to be wrapped around your wrist like a bracelet. The UI of the phone also changes between the normal mode and the bracelet mode – giving it a tremendous advantage for this type of design.

The other is a basic tablet design that can be folder in half to change from a full-sized tablet to a phablet phone. The UI also will morph depending on the form factor of the device. While the two devices are still in prototype stage, it shows tremendous potential in smartphone design, and we at TechNave look forward to see what the future holds from Lenovo.