Shop at over 53 million merchants with a numberless payment card by Grab

GrabPay card cover EDITED.PNG

When it comes to hearing Grab, you will definitely think of its e-hailing service. However, the company’s success doesn’t just come from the service mentioned alone. With GrabFood and GrabPay being parts of its app, Grab has silently changed some of our lifestyles by providing convenience and also a lot of great promotions. Now, Grab announced they will be collaborating with Mastercard to launch Asia’s first numberless payment card, GrabPay Card.

The special thing about the payment card is that there will be no numbers printed on it. The initiative is to reduce digital footprints to prevent personal and financial theft. The card is linked to your GrabPay wallet as well so you can manage your transactions digitally with the Grab app. Other than that, GrabPay Card is also said to be accepted at more than 53 million merchants in the world that are under Mastercard’s worldwide network.

Grabpay card 1.jpg

Using GrabPay Card works the same as using your GrabPay wallet, GrabReward points can be earned as well when making purchases. If you are a Samsung Pay user, you can link the card to enjoy triple benefits from GrabPay, Samsung Pay and Mastercard!

The card has rolled out in Singapore and it will be coming soon to other Southeast Asia countries in the first half of 2020. Let us know what you think about this numberless payment by Grab on our Facebook page! For more tech news, stay tuned on