Shopee Malaysia will revise the marketplace commission fees effectively on 10 January 2023


The economy has made everyone's life hard due to inflation that was caused by the pandemic. But it seems that prices will continue to rise, as Shopee Malaysia just recently announced that the Marketplace Commission Fees will be revised effectively on 10 January 2023. 

As you can see from the graph below, the current marketplace commission fee rate is 2% but it will be increased to 2.65% - 4.24% inclusive of SST. Depending on the product category, it may start from 3.18% - 4.24%. However, everything else that's not electronics, fashion, FMCG and lifestyle won't be counted in the revised commission fee rate. 


On the update page, the marketplace sellers refer to all local sellers who are not part of Shopee Mall, selling through Shopee's Marketplace platform. But this change does not affect the existing commission fees paid by Shopee Mall and overseas sellers. It will also only apply to local marketplace sellers with more than 100 completed orders since joining Shopee. 

Shopee announced the revision was necessary, as this is to improve its customer service, increase its targetted seller support programmes and expand export opportunities to overseas, the revised was necessary. To read the full details of the Marketplace Commission Fees, you may visit the page here