ShopeePay Day sale will have a RM1 Smartphone & RM1 Clearance Sale on 1 January 2022

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As we get closer to the end of 2022, Shopee Malaysia will be kicking off yet another sale. Called the ShopeePay Day, it will commence on 1 January 2022 with a bunch of promotions and discounts as usual, as long as customers make use of their ShopeePay. 

So what would you be getting out of ShopeePay Day? Well, ShopeePay users will be treated to a 100% cashback (capped at RM1.10) with a minimum spend of RM1.10 with the 1 Sen ShopeePay Vouchers. You may check out the ShopeePay Limited-Time Deals to score vouchers from FamilyMart, Giant, KK Super Mart, Lotus’s, MR.DIY, Tealive and more, online or offline. For first time users of ShopeePay Vouchers, a special cashback of RM3 awaits them without any minimum spending. 

Besides that, ShopeePay is also rewarding users with up to 33,333 Shopee Coins when they top up their mobile wallet with a minimum of RM30 on 1 January. On top of that, selected participating offline merchant stores such as Dragon-i, HaiDiLao, Leather Avenue, Sports Direct and more will give a cashback of RM6 if you have a minimum spending of RM15 with ShopeePay. 

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ShopeeFood will also have some promotions going on during the first day of 2022. The platform will deliver your choice of food and beverages for free (capped at RM4) without any minimum spending. Also, various ShopeeFood vouchers are available offering up to RM12 discount with a minimum spending of RM22. You can just claim the free delivery and food discount vouchers and apply them before checking out. 

There is also a couple of more stuff to look out for during ShopeePay Day, you can buy a collection of items from various categories that will be priced at only RM1 from the Clearance Sale. Everyone will also stand a chance to own a smartphone for only RM1. 

To find out more about the Jan 1 ShopeePay Day, visit the official webpage here and for Shopee 1.1 New Year Sale, head over to the web portal right here