Singapore Government will send SMS Using only one Identity from 1 July 2024


Online fraud is getting more cunning and complex. For example, there are SMS messages saying that you are being investigated by PDRM, LHDN, JPJ, KWSP and MOF are circulating now with many victims. People need to be more intelligent in distinguishing fake SMS from those sent by fraudsters and this is not an easy thing. For this reason, the Singapore government will start sending an SMS using the GOV.SG identity only from July 1 to combat online fraud.

By transmitting information through only one identity, the probability of fraud is reduced. Each SMS will display the identity of the sender, the relevant ministry and also the notification that it is sent automatically, so there is no need to respond by the recipient. If the SMS asks for a response with a link, it is a valid fake.

Screenshot 2024-06-14 111931.png

Exceptions are only given to the Ministry of Defense to call national service participants and also emergency messages. This initiative is done under the Open Government Product (OGP). The Singapore government is one of the pioneers of techniques to reduce the risk of online fraud in the world by banning the sending of internet links in SMS from 2022.

Every business must also be registered with an identity number given for verification if they want to send an SMS. Singapore also banned the side installation of Android apps with the help of Google last year which was a world pilot project for security reasons. We have yet to confirm other details on the subject. Hopefully, Malaysia will follow suit.

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