Singapore will become first country to use facial verification


In an age when identity theft is possible, it's not a surprise to see that security is taken seriously. So important that the Singapore government plans to do it on a national level. Specifically, our friends from the Lion City are about to have facial verification rolled out nationwide.

According to the BBC, Singapore will become the first country in the world to use facial verification for its national identity scheme. To be exact, it plans to use the new biometric security method when it comes to private and government services, which includes the SingPass national digital ID. The reason for the change is that it's seen as vital for the country's digital economy. Unlike facial recognition, facial verification requires the user to consent to the verification process.

Developed by UK company iProov, the technology was successfully trialled at a major Singapore bank and is now being rolled out across the country. With it, private and government services can not only identify a person but know if the person is present. An example of how this works is if a person's face doesn't match with a bank's database, they will be denied services.

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