Singtel users from Singapore experienced the best roaming speed on Maxis network, according to Opensignal


In this latest Opensignal report, we have been given a new look at how well do Singaporeans experienced roaming during their stay in Malaysia. The company were analyzing 3 categories - Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience and Latency Experience - and discovered some interesting details of Singaporean's choice of telco operators during 2019.

If you look at the first chart below, it shows that Singtel users got the best experience in all 3 categories effortlessly, whereas M1 and Starhub users have a similar score. In addition, the same chart also tells us that Singtel users rely on Maxis as the main host, followed by M1 roaming on Celcom's network, then StarHub users riding on Celcom, Digi and Maxis.

Upon studying the chart further, you will also see Malaysian users' experience in 4G download speeds. For some reason, Singtel roamers have a slightly higher score of 24.3Mbps compared to Maxis users' score of 22.6Mbps. But if you look at M1 roamers and Celcom users, the download speed experience favours the latter better with 18.1Mbps (vs 14.7Mbps). Opensignal thinks there could be several factors contributing to this, it could be because of the international connectivity between the two telcos, roaming agreement, or speed limitation.


Download Speed Experience


Upload Speed Experience


Latency Experience


Speaking of factors, Opensignal also shared how international roaming works between two telco operations (see image above). As expected, smartphones play an important role and most mobile experience works best in metro areas. Lastly, relaying the information between the host and home core networks and back to the content delivery network depends on the infrastructure and system quality.

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