Slimmer Xiaomi 5000 mAh Mi Power Bank now available for RM34 in Malaysia


Xiaomi Malaysia's official Facebook page has revealed the new 5000 mAh Xiaomi Mi Power Bank which will replace the existing 5200 mAh model. This particular upgrade was announced back in 2014 in China and will finally be available for purchase in the upcoming flash sale. The new power bank is much slimmer than the existing one (9.9mm thick to be precise) and will weigh about 1 gram more. Xiaomi has priced the device at RM34, which is the exact same price at which the current model was being sold in the market. Also, the output has been increased in the new model from 1.5A to 2.1A. There is a status button along with four LED lights to indicate the amount of energy on the device. Xiaomi also has another powerbank in the market measuring 16000 mAh. The company claims that this power bank can charge an Apple iPad Mini up to 2.5 times and an Apple iPhone 6 up to 5 times. The larger model features two microUSB ports and is available in Malaysia for RM79.