SmartThings Find app now out to help you find your Samsung devices


Have you ever left your phone somewhere in your house and completely forgot about it after? It can sometimes be hard to find it again, but having the right app can solve that problem. Thanks to a new mobile app from Samsung, you should be able to better locate any device you may have misplaced. Specifically, we're talking about the SmartThings Find mobile app that lets you locate your devices.

Samsung originally launched the SmartThings Find in selected countries but has now made it available globally. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) to find the Samsung devices may have been misplaced or stolen. It works not just for smartphones, but also smaller devices like Galaxy Buds Lives. As part of the process, technologies like Google's Find My Device and augmented reality are used along with a map to help you locate your things. You can refer to the video below for more details of how it works.

What's useful about this app is that you can locate your devices even if they are not connected to the Internet. In the event that your device is stolen and disconnected, it will start emitting a BLE signal that can be received by any nearby Samsung devices that have opt-in to the SmartThings Find service. The users can then send the location to the server, which will then notify the device's owner.

Of course, it's best if this never happens and all you use it for is to find which corner of your house it has fallen into. With that said, how often does that happen to you and would you find this app useful? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to for more news like this.