SonicGear and Armageddon reveals brand new 4K 144Hz monitor for only RM1199


No, this isn’t a troll. These two brands have been known to release extremely wallet friendly peripherals for any gamer. Looking to crash into the esports scene, the two companies have collaborated to unveil PIXXEL+ Elite EFX 27UHD SWTX esports monitor (ain’t that a long name). The monitor is able to support a resolution at 4K 144Hz and is priced at only RM1199!

The price definitely took us by surprise as most monitors can be extremely pricey. The monitor supports AMD Free Sync and is G-sync compatible. The display measures at 27 inches with a UHD display. However, on UHD it only supports 60Hz and only on QHD it can go up to 144 frames. In addition, you’ll find 3 HDMI ports at the back of the display and 5ms response time.




Besides that, the PIXXEL+ line also comes with a variety of other monitors made for esports such as the Xtreme and Pro series. The Xtreme series adopts the curved screen measuring between 24 inches to 39 inches. The screens come with a maximum of 165Hz refresh rate and supports AMD’s Free sync and is G-sync compatible. Meanwhile, the Pro series only measures between 22 inches and 27 inches. 

In the future, Armaggeddon is planning on launching their very own esports ready PCs and we bet they’d come with some incredible price tags as well based on their pricing trends. Would you hop onto the Armaggeddon hype train? 

SonicGear has some products up their sleeves as well which is the SonicGear AirPhone ANC 3000 headset. It is a Bluetooth headset with a 24 hour battery life and ANC noise cancellation. Besides that, other headsets that were introduced include the AirPhone 3, AirPhone 5, AirPhone 7, and AirPhone ANC 2000 all of which comes with ANC functionalities. 


Shopee also introduced their brand new sponsored esports team: Bosskurr. To celebrate, Shopee and Armaggeddon also launched a bunch of Bosskurr merchandise which include clothes, gaming peripherals and more. Are you excited about the brand new products on Shopee? You can check out these items for yourself on the SonicGear or Armageddon's pages on Shopee. Keep up with the latest tech news on!


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