Sony Linkbuds released: new open ring design earbuds priced at RM849

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Today, Sony has officially showcased the much-teased Linkbuds with an intriguing design. The company is known for manufacturing many audio products but never anything like this before. Here's everything you need to know about the Sony Linkbuds.

From the livestream video, Sony said Linkbuds are a new wearable always-on sound gateway between online and offline. If you're wondering about the weird doughnut gap hole design, that's for you to have a better awareness of your surrounding. Called the open ring design, Sony said it's able to provide new sound experiences.

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As the name suggests, Linkbuds was made to "link you to your world online and offline" at the same time. With the open ring design, the driver unit is also ring-shaped and it would make you feel like not wearing any earbuds. Sony also said that the Linkbuds are lightweight and would fit perfectly into anyone's ears.

As a smart wearable, you can also perform touch control on the Linkbuds as expected such as controlling the volume, receiving noise-free calls, playing songs. Furthermore, you don't even need to tap on the exterior earcups but rather nearby your ear to make it work. Sony is currently working with Microsoft on a new Soundscape software to help special-needs people.

Besides Microsoft, Sony is also collaborating with Niantic and Spotify for the best sound performance possible. Last but not least, the Sony Linkbuds are made of recycled plastics and are also IP4X splash resistant. These earbuds will be available in Malaysia from 17 February 2022 at the price of RM849. 

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