Sony Patent shows Possible Google Glass Competitor

sony glasses.jpg

Our search through the US Patents today have been rather fruitful as it reveals that Sony has also recently filed a patent for wearable glasses that may rival Google's Glass project. What sets it apart from Google's Glass project is that Sony's patent describes glasses with HUD monitors for both eyes instead of just the one on the Google Glass glasses. Earbuds mounted near the ears show a more multimedia like device than Google's Glass project which isn't surprising given that Sony's angle is more based on entertainment than Google's Augmented Reality (AR) plans.

While they haven't been working as long as Google on wearable computer powered Head mounted display (HMD) glasses they have been doing development since 2012. They also have a lot more practical experience than Google in terms of HMD devices as Sony have regularly created such devices like the HMZ-T2 Personal 3D viewer for consumers. Still no news on when these lighter HMDs are going to be released but the patents sound promising to say the least.

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