Sony SmartWatch 2 Malaysia release date in October with SBH52 Smart Bluetooth Handset

Sony Smartwtch 2 coming in October 2013.jpg

While the Sony SmartWatch 2 got announced in June 2013 it was originally scheduled to reach Malaysia in September 2013. Sony Mobile Malaysia recently changed this to October but gave a more definite date range this time around. This time, they say that the Sony SmartWatch 2 will be available in Malaysia from 15 October 2013 to 20 October 2013. While this solves the issue of a Malaysia release date, it doesn't answer the question about pricing, but we should find out about that soon. In addition to this information, Sony Mobile Malaysia also said that the SBH52 Smart Bluetooth Handset would also be coming along with the Sony SmartWatch 2. Released together with the SmartWatch 2 in tandem with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra the Handset is priced at RM480 but will likely be available with the Sony SmartWatch 2 next month. For a refresher, just check out the two devices in the videos below: