Sony announces partnership with Meizu for the Flyme OS

Sony Meizu cover EDITED.jpg

A surprising partnership has been announced, and it's between two companies that hardly have any connections, well, except selling smartphones. The latest information shares that Sony will be working with Meizu to utilize its Flyme OS. Both have also confirmed the partnership by posting the announcement on their official Weibo accounts.

It seems like Sony wants to have a strong presence in the Chinese market by integrating some applications and services from Flyme into its smartphones. The source mentions that the Flyme OS is a solid operating system and has been around for a long while. Not only that, but it has also reached a high level of polish despite its global version having some issues. Therefore, those might be the reasons why Sony sees something in it. However, the partnership will be exclusive to China, so don't expect an expansion to the global market, at least for now.

Sony has been trying to improve itself in the smartphone segment in recent years. Working with Meizu could also mean that the company will be bolder now by doing whatever it takes to be a top smartphone vendor again. No matter what Sony has planned for its future, we can't wait to see the upcoming results.

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