Sony could continue to produce more PS4 in 2022 to cover for PS5 shortage

PS4 production cover EDITED.jpg

Sony's PlayStation 5 came out more than a year ago, and it's still facing shortage issues. By addressing them, a new report claims that the company will continue to manufacture PS4. In fact, it will continue producing about a million units in 2022.

Unnamed sources familiar with Sony's plan told Bloomberg that the company was supposed to stop making the predecessor at the end of 2021. However, the PS5 is still not meeting its demand. Therefore, continuing the PS4 production would give Sony more space to negotiate deals with the manufacturing partners by doing more business with cheaper-to-produce consoles.

The PS3 was in production for 11 years, so it's not surprising if the PS4 could stay in the market for a little longer. Furthermore, the console still has 104 million monthly active users, with 46 million members subscribing to PlayStation Plus. The subscribers also continue getting at least two PS4 games each month.

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