Sony is skipping physical launch-day sale for PlayStation 5 due to the pandemic


As Malaysians continue to wait for the official PlashSpeed PlayStation 5 by Sony Malaysia (or is it PlayStation Asia?), the first wave is waiting eagerly to get their hands on the next gaming console on 12 November (or 19 November, depending on your location). However, the company just made their announcement that the PS5 won't be appearing in selected stores at all.

Of course, this is due to the pandemic that's happening around the globe. So the only logical step for the company to do is to distribute the sales online on selected retail partners. With that being said, they are urging the fans not to camp out or wait in line over the night just in case so they can curb the cluster. We can only assume that the same thing would happen in our region when the day arrives.

In addition, Sony also confirmed that the SSD storage expansion feature won't be available on day one as well. Although the PS5 has an internal slot that kind of supports an expansion, it would be on hold for now until an M2 drive can keep up with the PS5 speed. Until then, it possible that we would have to wait at the end of the year of 2021.

Tune in to the PlayStation 5 Asia Celebration on 11 November 11pm (GMT+8) as we celebrate the upcoming launch of the PS5...

Posted by PlayStation Asia on Tuesday, 3 November 2020

In other news, PlayStation Asia is hosting a PS5 Asia Celebration 11.11 online and giving away prizes such as the gaming console itself. However, the group are met with backlash for being "bias" towards Singapore and neglecting other Southeast Asia countries around it like us (you can read the comments at the FB post above). Stay tuned for more trending tech news at