Sony reveals colourful CP-V3 USB Portable Charger

Sony CP-V3 USB Portable Charger.jpg

Sony has recently announced that their CP-V3 USB Portable Charger is ready and available. Covering the ultra-portable battery and charger range the new 2800 mAh charger only weighs in at 84g and with a high output of 1.5A it offers a fast recharge while on the go. Capable of 1000 charges the CP-V3 comes in 12 colours so you can accessorise as you want.

The charger can be used right out of the box and comes with a micro-USB cable for easy charging. To charge the CP-V3 just plug it in to a USB port or via and AC adaptor. According to Sony the CP-V3 USB Portable charger will be available in Malaysia from September 2013.